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Welcome to the Maryland Fur Trappers Education webpage, a hub dedicated to fostering a new generation of trappers committed to the principles of humane and ethical trapping. Our mission revolves around imparting essential knowledge and skills that not only uphold the traditions of the craft but also prioritize the well-being of wildlife and the preservation of our delicate ecosystems.


As stewards of the land, we recognize the vital role trappers play in maintaining a balanced coexistence between humans and wildlife. Through comprehensive educational resources, we aim to equip aspiring trappers with the expertise needed to engage in practices that are both respectful to animals and conducive to the long-term health of our natural environment.


Explore our educational initiatives, from practical techniques to ethical considerations, designed to instill a deep understanding of responsible trapping. Join us in shaping a future where trappers stand as guardians of our ecosystems, ensuring the sustainability of our rich natural heritage for generations to come. Welcome to a community that values tradition, ethics, and environmental stewardship in the pursuit of a harmonious relationship between humans and the wild.